LED linear luminous lamps have been widely used

The power saving benefits generated after the installation of LED street lights include the following 5 aspects: power saving benefits of reduced light source power; Power saving benefit of reduced circuit loss; power saving benefit of reduced transformer loss: economic benefit of reduced operation and maintenance management costs; For new roads, the economic benefits brought by the reduction of lighting efficiency, the reduction of transformer capacity, the reduction of switchgear capacity, the reduction of cable cross-section, and the reduction of installation and transportation costs. 

According to data, the Chongqing Municipal Government invested 160 million yuan in 2006 to support the lighting of led modeling lights, plus local districts and building owners and then self-supporting, the total investment will be about 300 million yuan. At present, LED lighting technology is becoming more and more mature, the efficiency of high-power LED light source has reached 801m/W, Halloween LED Light supplier and energy-saving transformation of urban street lighting has become possible.

The low power consumption of LEDs makes it possible to use solar cells as energy sources. With social progress and economic development, humans continue to pursue the quality of life. At present, some products have achieved modular design, such as luminous floor tiles used as floor pavement lighting. At present, the LED modeling lamp lighting accounts for a relatively large share in the LED application market in my country, reaching 25%. The size of the product is coordinated with the size of the floor tiles.

The color temperature is optional, which is an important way to improve efficiency and reduce costs in different applications. Take the outline light drawn by a building as an example. . As a matter of fact, the beauty of the city with LED modeling lights is not only limited to lighting up the night sky of the city in the fashion concept of modern urbanites, but also focusing on its proper light intensity layout and properly constructed natural environment.

LED linear luminous lamps have been widely used in the contour lighting of urban buildings and the railings of bridges for their good weather resistance, extremely low light decay during their lifespan, variable colors, and fluid lighting effects

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