Animal modeling lights have system lighting control capabilities

Animal modeling lights have system lighting control capabilities, multi-level, multi-function, multi-scene, multi-dimensional lighting control, comprehensive centralized control, regional linkage, and single automatic control. Assuming it is 1W power, then even if you have 20 chandelier, you will only turn on the lights for 50 hours for 2 days and 2 nights without turning off the lights, which will consume 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity, so you need to evaluate whether it is a cost.

The modeling lights and animal modeling lights of animal modeling lamp manufacturers are mainly used in high-end venues such as commercial streets, residential squares, China Halloween Light supplier ,real estate developers' sales centers, high-end communities, villas, riverside beaches, tourist attractions, high-end hotels, etc.

As lighting is not her mission, her mission is to look good as mentioned above, just like a beautiful little girl. Led string lights are a relatively common type of light, whether it is led light tubes for indoor use or led light boxes for public places, it brings great convenience to our life and work. The animal modeling lamp made even captures the mission she needs to express-good-looking, beautiful, and beautiful.

If you want to go out, it is very inconvenient to have no light, and whether it is walking or driving, this is accompanied by The danger of wearing is very high, but the irradiation distance of this animal modeling lamp is relatively far, which we can generally see. For details, you can see the specifications on your lighting. The main role of animal modeling lights in these places is to look good, increase the elegance of the venue, and have the meaning of the soul of the venue

Replacing traditional lamps is just around the corner

The shelves are for consumers to buy, so it can be found that this is a regular triangle business type. LED packaging factories or LED chip factories invested in lighting companies to mass manufacture In order to reduce costs, manufacturers that are new to the market or have the upper hand in the market have adopted the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approach to enter the LED lighting field.

The atmosphere, whether the shape is beautiful, that is, whether the material of the modeling lamp meets the requirements of the manufacturer. Most of them are looking for other manufacturers to cooperate with different styles of lamps. Many manufacturers of bulbs do not directly produce lamps. Compared with new entrants, The cost has already been amortized, and a lot of mold costs can be saved on the lamps.

LED lamps are not only in a single shape, some lamps with particularly bright visual effects have been LED Christmas lighting Manufacturers very popular, but consumers need to pay attention when choosing a styling lamp. At this time, only those who can make good use of innovative channels and marketing methods can win the favor of more consumers and seize greater market opportunities. As more and more industry players join, the LED lighting market has broken the previous professional division of industry business model in which light source, lighting and channel industry players each perform their duties, showing a trend of hundreds of companies.

The decisive point for LED lighting in the future. No one has ever been able to fully grasp all the lighting channels, even for some famous international brands, such as Philip and Osram. An excellent designer must understand the scientific development of the work craftsmanship he is engaged in.The quality is not inferior to the international manufacturers, but it is unable to sell the Baidu snapshot rankings, resulting in increased inventory and tight company finances.

The channel layout strategy of the LED industry will influence the success or failure of its market. The lighting channel will be the decisive battle point for LED manufacturers. On the contrary, the proportion of LED sellers on the market continues to grow, and the profit grows 50 %, what does this mean? There is only one fact, that is, the focus of LED lighting is not on manufacturing, but on channels. Replacing traditional lamps is just around the corner. 

LED linear luminous lamps have been widely used

The power saving benefits generated after the installation of LED street lights include the following 5 aspects: power saving benefits of reduced light source power; Power saving benefit of reduced circuit loss; power saving benefit of reduced transformer loss: economic benefit of reduced operation and maintenance management costs; For new roads, the economic benefits brought by the reduction of lighting efficiency, the reduction of transformer capacity, the reduction of switchgear capacity, the reduction of cable cross-section, and the reduction of installation and transportation costs. 

According to data, the Chongqing Municipal Government invested 160 million yuan in 2006 to support the lighting of led modeling lights, plus local districts and building owners and then self-supporting, the total investment will be about 300 million yuan. At present, LED lighting technology is becoming more and more mature, the efficiency of high-power LED light source has reached 801m/W, Halloween LED Light supplier and energy-saving transformation of urban street lighting has become possible.

The low power consumption of LEDs makes it possible to use solar cells as energy sources. With social progress and economic development, humans continue to pursue the quality of life. At present, some products have achieved modular design, such as luminous floor tiles used as floor pavement lighting. At present, the LED modeling lamp lighting accounts for a relatively large share in the LED application market in my country, reaching 25%. The size of the product is coordinated with the size of the floor tiles.

The color temperature is optional, which is an important way to improve efficiency and reduce costs in different applications. Take the outline light drawn by a building as an example. . As a matter of fact, the beauty of the city with LED modeling lights is not only limited to lighting up the night sky of the city in the fashion concept of modern urbanites, but also focusing on its proper light intensity layout and properly constructed natural environment.

LED linear luminous lamps have been widely used in the contour lighting of urban buildings and the railings of bridges for their good weather resistance, extremely low light decay during their lifespan, variable colors, and fluid lighting effects

There are problems with the LED modeling lamps themselves and their use

Although the appearance of the led modeling lamp is very important, try not to affect the amount of light emitted. However, one point is overlooked. The style of lamps lacks characteristics Through this project, I found that the shapes of the current lamps are too simple, and there is no big difference in the shapes of similar products, which tend to cause aesthetic fatigue, and the market competitiveness is not enough.

Everyone changes the soup without changing the medicine. Some lampshades are prone to yellowing after being corroded by wind, rain, heat, light, etc. , The second is that the product manufacturers produced according to the large sample may have defects in materials and workmanship, which may affect the lighting effect and personal safety.

The latter may greatly reduce the luminous flux in a short period of time, which is far from reaching the designer's expected effect. There are two hidden dangers. From the perspective of the development history of the lighting industry,China Power Socket this industry can truly form a large-scale industrial development. One is that the large sample drawn by the designer is not detailed enough. And if you want a specific effect, you must redraw the large sample by the designer himself.

There are problems with the LED modeling lamps themselves and their use. To show the art of light vividly and vividly, relevant design is needed. Including the billboards and light boxes in commercial streets, residential buildings, public squares, etc. Therefore, we must improve the market management and supervision of the lighting industry to prevent inferior products from entering the market.

Of course, do not cause light pollution. Do not take measures such as light interception or shading, which will easily cause visual discomfort. Designers are not sufficiently innovative in design and like to copy the design patterns of big cities. Lighting companies, designers, regulatory agencies, media communications, consumers, etc.